He’s been, he’s been!

This is what Maisie is yet to see. Updates throughout the day from the girl herself!

Maisie & Noah do Halloween in style.

Maisie & Noah get ready to hit the mean streets on a quest for candy.

Maisie waiting for her makeover!

Maisie waiting for her makeover!

Noah fanes death to get candy!

Noah fanes death to get candy!

Noah is a mans, man and isn't sure about wearing makeup!

Noah is a mans, man and isn't sure about wearing makeup!

The Halloween Spoils

Wow, I have a lot of candy!

Maisie's Candy Stash.

Maisie's Candy Stash.

It's mine all mine wahahaha!

It's mine all mine wahahaha!

Maisie’s Halloween 2009 – Part 2 Tarpon Spings

In the evening me and my Dad went trick or treating in Tarpon Spirngs with my friend Noah. I got a lot of candy and shared some with friends. I had a lot of fun. We will put some pictures up of Noah when we get them. We all thought his costume was funny, scarey and cute.

Getting ready for Halloween 2009

Maisie is ready for Halloween!

Maisie Halloween 2009

Sugar & spice and all things nice...

Sugar & spice and all things nice...

Acceo Candy!

Acceo Candy!

The Practice Makes Perfect.

The Practice Makes Perfect.

Politeness gets more Candy!

It takes careful Planning!



Maisie is a bar maid!

Maisie Halloween preparations.

Maisie 31/10/2009 at her Dads.

Please Sir, may I have some candy?

Beautiful Maisie

Strike a pose!

Vogue for Candy Corn Witches front cover shot.

Maisie & Noah in action!

Halloween 2009 Ybor

My Dad and me were at Ybor. We went for Trick or Treating  and I had a lot of fun. I  got candy from  shops.

Maisie Snell Halloween 2009 Ybor City, Tampa

Suns Bright

Hmm where should this go!

Maisie’s Times Tables

Yesterday I was doing times tables with my Dad and he taught me these times tables.

We also found a great site that you can go if you want to learn about Multiplication.


Orange Flowers

I don’t know what type of flowers these are but I know we have them at my school. I think they are pretty.

Flower Closeup

My Color Me Mine project.

I went to the color me mine store. I painted a pot and here it is.

Inside my pot
Inside my pot again
top 2

I found a snake!

A snake was in the pool. I found it and I warned Tom.

My Favorite TV Shows

Qubo is my favorite TV Channel. My favorite programs are Miss BG, Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse and Jacob Two-Two.

Maisie’s first Birthday

My Dad showed me this video today. It is my first birthday. Can you hear me say ‘No’ in the video? I wanted to show everybody my first Birthday because I think it is funny when I crawl.

Just double click the picture to see the little video.

My bedroom is pretty

Here are pictures of my bedroom at my Dad’s. I like it because it is pretty and because it has a huge humongous bed. I love the colors in my room. There is every color and it makes me feel happy.

My Dream Board

Me & my Dad made a dream board for my bedroom. On my dream board I put my drawings up of things I want to come true, and that’s what you are supposed to do with dream boards!

Maisie the photographer

Here is a photo of me being a photographer.

The Picture of Maisie 09-19-2009

Maisie Morgan Snell

This is my Dad taking a picture of me when he was teaching me how to use a camera. I liked being taught how to take photographs by my Dad.

My Photography

Bayshore Blvd.

I was standing outside and taking a photograph of Bayshore Blvd. Then I wanted to tell everybody that this was my third picture I took.

The flower patch

These flowers were pretty sky blue to me. I wanted to take a picture of them to show everyone.
Sky Blue Flowers

Slugger Bugs

Punch Buggy

Punch Buggy

Today I was playing Slugger Bug with my Dad. When you see a VW Beetle you say Slugger Bug and then you tap the person you are playing with. The person who gets the most Slugger Bugs wins. Yesterday I got two and my Dad got none. I win!

She-Ra on Hulu!

She-Ra is really cool because it’s fun and stuff. I think she is pretty. Here is a link so you can watch it on Hulu too.

Big night out!

I ate a lot of food. I had a moomoo Mr. Cow. I had black beans & rice, tomatoes, black olives and two types of salsa with chips. Washed down with a fruit punch and a cookie.

Thanks Moes!

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